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Uncovering nature's truths.

Brightseed was founded with the thesis that the plant kingdom is an incredibly rich and uncharted source of health. Humans evolved alongside plants and in particular, the small molecules of plants play a vital role in maintaining and supporting our health. The challenge has been the ability to efficiently navigate this unexplored molecular world at a pace, scale, and level of accuracy that allows for meaningful scientific progress. Traditional methodologies rely on a narrow data set, require years of experimenting, and typically end in failure.

The three founders of Brightseed knew there was a better way. With their proprietary artificial intelligence technology, they are able to create and explore the entire data set of natural molecules, connect discoveries to human biology, and bring to market those that address important health conditions. Now, the big opportunity for Brightseed is to tell their story in a compelling way and exponentially grow their business.
Adding to the challenge was the Covid pandemic, the project would have to be 100% virtual. (We have yet to meet the Brightseed team in person!) It also was an opportunity for CBA to collaborate globally with strategy and design teams across multiple regions and time zones.

Leading several time-limited, interactive, and immersive brand building remote workshops, the CBA team engaged the Brightseed C-suite, investors, customers, and partners to establish and align on the brand’s new visual and verbal strategic foundations including purpose, values, and unique value proposition. Guided by CBA’s proprietary A-Game tool, the team also collaboratively uncovered the archetype that would define Brightseed’s personality and tone of voice. Each workshop helped bring forth the symbiotic relationship between science and nature and the positive impact on humanity that is unique to Brightseed.

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