Partner for life

Founded in 1983 in the Dominican Republic, LAM (Laboratorio de Aplicaciones Médicas) is a pharmaceutical company with a strong presence in the Dominican Market. Owner of a diverse portfolio containing more than 600 medicinal products, LAM felt the need to refresh the corporate brand image to convey modernity, strength and relevance and stand out from competition.

The concept

Since the moment you’re born LAM is there for you. It kept your mom safe and now follows your steps through life, guaranteeing the best for your well-being and keeping your mind away from worries, while you could focus in what really matters, your life. You know you can count on LAM, because it was always there for you and it will always will. This is a partnership for life.

The solution

Inspired on the brand history, purpose and ambition we designed an evolution for its brand identity, combining emotional values (related to the feelings of healthcare and trust inspired by the brand) and scientific values (technology and innovation). The combination of blue and green colours represents this connection of Science and Life – blue for Medicine and Technology; green for LAM: healthcare, trust, future.
The company logo was updated following those principles and the new graphic and visual system was compiled into a comprehensive Brand Book with guidelines for use in packaging, point-of-sales displays, offices and plants signages.

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