The new boxes with mini bars bring a proposition of a self-indulgent product, with a mix composed of iconic brands from Nestlé®, coming in gift packages. This launch was developed to reach the strategic goals from Nestlé® to reach the individual segment, for consumers in search of pure chocolates for someone special or a self-gift.  

Three options of boxes were developed, with a nontraditional language. The design is focused on the emotional action of gifting, not in the product itself, with icons of traditional gifts in chocolate shapes. The boxes messages truly reflect the act of an indulgent treat and reinforce the images appeal, while the three different versions

+ Luis Gustavo Bartolomei, Luciano Semeria, Kaué Magno

A L L   R I G H T S   B E L O N G   T O   N E S T L É   A N D   C B A  B + G

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