@ CBA B+G + Guilherme Matos, Luciano Semeria, Carina Benitez, Felipe Takashi, Luiz Ricardo Ribeiro, Fernanda Ayala, Gabriela Costa, Giuliana Sanchez and Larissa Ficher. All rights belong to D'Onofrio and CBA B+G. Illustration by Bruno Miranda.

D'Onofrio Reserva: Time knows best.
D’Onofrio is a centenary love brand in Peru. In order to enter the premium segment we unlock a true and compelling story and visual to portray its new premium chocolate line, made with the best Peruvian ingredients.

D’Onofrio Reserva was born with 124 years of experience, inspired by the abundance of the Peruvian Amazon rainforest. Its cacao is unique, harvested in the exact maturation moment and processed respecting the time need for the preparation process.
Our journey began with a living contact with the local culture and tradition. We dive in the local culture and the forest itself. The visual story started with the creation of an illustration that represents the cocoa in its environment, deeply rooted. The visual was also inspired in the Peruvian art of Ayacucho - the “retablo”. 

The colors chosen reflect the real nature, with earthy pastel tones for each variety. The copper tone in contrast highlights the quality and care of this new premium line. All this is reassured by an embossed stamp present in all packs. This level of refinement and attention to the details are a tribute to the nature itself. 

This is D’Onofrio Reserva.

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