KitKat Rubies project proposition was to culturally adapt an already existing gift box to the Brazilian market. It was necessary to reposition the product in a more emotional version to reach a younger target and impulse more appeal, for the Easter period and beyond.

We understood that, to elevate the Easter experience, the gift should transmit high quality through an original package, including a ritual act, without losing its image. The new package delivers the meaning of ‘romance’ expected by a younger target, with the KitKat visual code combined with its look and feel. It is appropriate for the affective partner, as it stands out due to its sophisticated coolness, superior quality and special gift treatment.
The iconic expression delivers graphics with value expressions associated to the product’s name. The typography was specially developed for this project, in a mix of sophistication and romance.

With this version, KitKat comes out during Easter with a novelty that can live through the whole year as a gift item for special occasions and celebrations.

+ Luis Gustavo Bartolomei, Fernanda Varnum, Luciano Semeria, Alex Diniz
A L L   R I G H T S   B E L O N G   T O   N E S T L É   A N D   C B A  B + G

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